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Describe the Dr. Dixit diet plan


First of all its not diet plan, its lifestyle which has been followed by our previous generations and described in our culture and every religion.
I am following 2 meal/day and I am getting lots of benefits apart from weight loss such as my acidity is no more, I can concentrate on my work rather on coffee or eatables, also I am not experiencing headache due to acidity, I am feeling very lighter from inside.


I now eat for my stomach rather than my tongue. Eating the same food as before this lifestyle makes me feel extremely joyful. You will joyfully consume any veggies, including pumpkin, bitter gourds, and others that you dislike.
Additionally, for the past two years, my HbA1C has been stable and below the pre-diabetic threshold.
It won’t have an effect on your health if you quit living this way for some reason, like I did when my left hand broke and I had to take medication three times a day to heal. You are always free to It called for 45 minutes of easy activity, such as running or walking. To live this way, money is not necessary. restart.



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